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JeufZone est une plate-forme agro-alimentaire pour la production, la commercialisation, la distribution et la conservation des produits de la ferme, avec une priorité donnée aux produits locaux. Il a été fondé par Thione Niang pour répondre au besoin de l’Afrique de produire ce que l’Afrique cultive. L'Afrique possède plus de 62% des terres arables du monde, mais importe pourtant plus de 35 milliards de dollars de nourriture par an. M. Niang a créé JeufZone pour faire quelque chose à ce sujet et engager davantage de jeunes Africains à retourner à l'agriculture afin de garantir la sécurité alimentaire du continent.

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  • The atmosphere at work here is fantastic, when you know you are feeding a nation you can’t help but work hard so nobody goes hungry. It is not just a work, it is a duty for me to contribute to the betterment of my society and to fight hunger through this wonderful initiative which is JeufZone.
    Farmer at JeufZone Farm - Guinea
  • JeufZone is an entrepreneurship model that creates other entrepreneurs, and that is amazing. That is the uniqueness that attracts me the most. When you are doing business and serving your community and at the same time creating jobs opportunity, you are just blessed.
    Christ Mendela AHOLIATIN
    Manager at JeufZone - Benin
  • I think this is a very good initiative because it helps both the producer and the population and opens an avenue for more jobs. I am happy I join such organization.
    Aminata Diakhaté
    Student in Law and member of Give 1 Project Young Farmers Network (G1PYFN)
  • I have been in Agro business on my own for almost a decade. I have a farm and a shop that sells Bio-fertilizers. But I have never heard of such type of Agro business model. When I met with the CEO, I almost spontaneously agreed to help gather the young farmers; that gave birth the Give 1 Project Young Farmers Network (G1PYFN). Long live JeufZone and the G1PYFN.
    Abdou Ndoye
    Ceo at Djolof Agricole And Global Business Center, G1PYFN Member
  • I enjoy working at JeufZone, Personally, I have always seen agriculture as the core job humans do. No matter who you are you must eat so you depend on a a farmer. JeufZone is a good initiative and I am proud to be part of the story.
    Fode Camara
    Farmer at JeufZone Farm - Guinea
  • When I was told about the creation of JeufZone, I thought it was only farming then I joined because I believe in farming as a solution to hunger. But when I got to know all the components of this amazing project, I got stuck to it. Now I can't let JeufZone write its story alone, I must be part of it.
    Al Ousseynou Sow
    Administrator at JeufZone - Senegal