JeufZone Farms is located in the small village of Dieuguene 40 miles outside of Dakar towards Pout- surrounded by trees and beautiful Mountain views.

We offer you an “old-fashioned nostalgic and unique experience”. Come get your hands dirty! Feed the cows, gather eggs, pet a chicken and when needed help do other chores that include mending a fence, make quilted tablecloths. When we have a “fresh cow” Our milk and butter come from our own cows and you can help to milk a cow, make butter, and learn how to make cheese. During maturation of the garden, you can learn how to plant and harvest vegetables grown right here at JeufZone Farms.


What to See at JeufZone Farms
The main attractions are the treehouse and a petting zoo, where you can interact with sheep, miniature cows, rabbits, miniature horses, Goats, Camels, ducks and more.

You can buy souvenirs and fresh produce at the shop and have a snack at the on-site restaurant, designed traditionally.


There are group tours and individual tours scheduled upon request. Our daily tours begin from 9 am to 11:30 am and from 4 pm to 5:30 pm in the afternoon.

At JeufZone we also welcome school tours and family tours from all over the world.


breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Breakfast, lunch, and /or dinner from products raised right here on the farm or from nearby farms. Afternoons are free time. You can help the team do more chores, feed the animals, water the plants or just relax surrounded by nature. No stress just Easy Country Living!


Phone: +221 78 582 14 26

Email: [email protected]


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