About The Jeufzone Institute

The Jeufzone Institue was established to provide the tools and experiences needed by anyone to start their own agribusiness ventures. We will help you learn entrepreneurial skills in conjunction with real-world start-up experiences. We offer opportunities to network with successful entrepreneurs and understand real-world situations.

Our program allows you to hear from successful entrepreneurs, learn the skills to be a successful entrepreneur, and foster networking to help you reach for your dream. In just a few weeks, the Jeufzone Institute will prepare you for a meaningful career in agriculture.

Our teachers are among the best in the country. Our facilities are unparalleled. And our hands-on curriculum keeps students up to date with all agribusiness entrepreneurial ideas and trends.


Our 7-day intensive program will help you gain the skills you need to develop your own agribusiness with potential for growth and funding. This program delivers innovative, educational programs that develop career-ready graduates through intensive, practical learning and skill enhancement in agribusiness and entrepreneurship.

The program focuses on three main areas:

Program Outcome

After completing this program, students will gain skills and knowledge about:


JeufZone Institute offers a 3 to 12-month fellowship program. All fellows are housed at the Farms if accepted.

Fellows work closely with the farm manager and participate with all aspects on the farm including animal care, greenhouse propagation, soil development, irrigation, disease, weed and pest management, harvest, washing and packing, and marketing produce at our roadside farm stand or at farmer markets.
We don’t require prior experience but we do look for highly motivated self-starters who have a keen interest to learn the skills necessary to pursue a farm lifestyle. Fellows will also actively learn to grow food with area farmers, gar, gardeners and homesteaders.


For more information please email: institute@Jeufzone.com