About the Program

The JeufZone Art Residency Program was established by a lover of Art, M. Thione Niang to support promising artists and continues to be led by administrative staff with hands-on experience in the creative process. The program trusts artists to best use their time to benefit their own work and reach their own goals. The expectation is that the program's cohort model and distinctive setting on the farm, along with the gift of time and space, generate significant advancements in residents' work.

Program Guidelines

The JeufZone Art Residency Program provides residencies of one-week duration every other week of the month to enable young artists, of exceptional promise and demonstrated accomplishment or upcoming artists to create, advance, or complete work around a designated theme. There are typically 5 to 10 residents at the program. Residents must arrange for their own transportation to the farm, but JeufZone takes care of all needed tools or materials, and takes care of their food and accommodation.

Program Benefits

The Art Residecency Program is designed to provide a quite, and inspiring environment for young artists to create unique piece of art that will be displayed inthe JeufZone Art Gallery onsite and online, thus providing a global marketplace to those young artist.

For participating artists, the JeufZone Art Residency Program creates connections within artist cohorts, as well as with other creatives and community members in JeufZone. The goal is that these relationships outlast the duration of the residency visit. The organization believes that the environment and resources of JeufZone Farm, along with fellowship and an exchange of ideas across disciplines, generates inspiration and new directions for the work artists create while in residence.

Furthermore, artists are taught fundamentals of farming so that they can be able to produce their own food and thus helping fight for food sufficiency.


Program Application

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